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It has been proven that a building’s window system has the highest infiltration, the highest conductivity, and highest solar radiation factor. The reason is — glass.


More savings and more comfort than replacement windows or window treatments
Unequaled results in hot, cold, windy, or humid environments


Energy efficiency done right and our manufacturing partners are global leaders in innovative efficiency products and cost effective energy…

Inflector Shades Range

The Inflector panels are uniquely engineered, solar filtering, reflective thermal shades that aids in stabilizing indoor temperature allowing natural light in and reflecting back solar heat and UV rays overall providing a safer, comfortable environment along with lower energy bills.

Roller Shades
Vertical Shades
Fitted Frame

About Inflector

In’Flector, a unique product that has been in the market for 25 years is an effective energy saving product that has now entered the Middle Eastern Market making its mark rapidly across the UAE.
Glass buildings that make up much of the city’s infrastructure are prone to absorb in all of the suns natural light along with the solar heat and UV rays that are harmful to humans, with the solar heat being one of the main reasons that the air conditioning systems are much relied on in these parts of the world. This reliance, costs in terms of energy bills and maintenance that sores along with the summer temperatures.

What others say about us


To say that I am delighted with the new blinds in my kitchen is an understatement! They look so attractive and the darkening effect in the kitchen is also cooling

ShirleyResidential Installation
Robin Hutcheson

We had In’Flector solar blinds installed as part of our eco-renovation of our home. As a result, we are enjoying improved comfort and energy performance. The people at In’Flector are excellent to deal with and the installation was of very high quality

Robin HutchesonFormer Green Building Council President
V Gonzales

My husband and I really appreciate the value and comfort of the InFlector shades versus having to install new windows. It turned out to be an excellent short stop measure for us. We have a room that had become difficult to enjoy when the sun’s overpowering light poured through the windows several times each day. Now we can sit at any time of the day, sun or no sun. We just pull down the shades or roll them up. They are easy to use and do not look out of place.
Thanks for coming out and making the installation so easy.

V GonzalesResidential Installation
Frank Thomas

For this reason, the InFlector window insulators were the right solution for building 2000 and the cost was much less than window replacement. Lackland awarded a 488K project to install these insulators. The installation is relatively simple and will cause little disruption to the building occupants. We anticipate reduced heating, ventilation and air conditioning loads with energy cost saving. Once energy savings are verified, we will use the data to justify replicating the project at other appropriate buildings across the base.

Frank ThomasCEM/CSDP
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